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  • Impact
    Impact is mostly used for open voids and has a 4-minute setting time
  • Inject
    Inject is used for minimally invasive procedures and has a 6-minute setting time
  • Ease of Use
    Callos Bone Void Filler has a mixing and delivery system that results in consistent mixing every time. It sets quickly in an aqueous environment and can be manipulated post-implantation, giving the surgeon an opportunity to refine the reconstruction.

The Acumed Callos Bone Void Filler is a synthetic calcium phosphate cement that is indicated for filling bony defects in cancellous bone.

It offers high compressive support for host bone that has been compromised. 1

Key Features

  • Handling: Callos sets in 4-6 minutes after implantation in a warm, aqueous environment. Additionally Callos is mixed in a rotary mixer and can be manipulated post-implantation to help refine bone reconstruction.
  • High compressive strength: Callos has been tested to show that it has a compressive strength twice that of cancellous bone (1).


1. McDonald E, Chu T, Tufaga M, et al. Tibial plateau fracture repairs augmented with calcium phosphate cement have higher in situ fatigue strength than those with autograft. J Orthop Trauma. 2011;25(2):90-95