Acromion Plate

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  • Designed for Optimized Implant Placement
    The plates are fixated in osseous regions of superior thickness to help stabilize fractures. In cases of a nonunion or malunion, the curve of the plate may assist in the anatomic reduction of the acromion. Plates can be filled with locking or nonlocking screws, depending on the preference of the surgeon.
  • Customized Plate Sizes
    Left and right acromion plates are available. The 6-hole plate is used when the fracture line is at the base of the acromion to the spine. The 7-hole plate may be used when the fracture extends distally into the acromion.

The Acumed Acromion Plate provides fixation for fractures along the acromion of the scapula spine. The precontoured plates are designed to closely match the patient's natural acromion curvatures, which may help in the reconstruction of even severely displaced acromion fractures. The Acromion Plates are an integral piece of the Scapula Plating System, and may be used individually or together with the Acumed Medial Border Plate, Lateral Border Plate, and Glenoid Plate.

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