Chest Wall

Chest Wall Products Overview with Elya Henry, Director of Product Management - CMF, Neuro, and Chest Wall

Acumed offers innovative solutions for challenging traumatic chest wall injuries, including the RibLoc Chest Wall Plating System, the BioBridge Resorbable Chest Wall Stabilization Plate, and the AcuTie II Sternum Closure System.
Acute Innovations has developed U-shaped plate technology to provide stability with anterior and posterior locking screws. The RibLoc U Plus Chest Wall Plating System offers straightforward, color-coded instrumentation for ease of use. The RibLoc U Plus 90 Instrumentation, a low-profile system, provides power for limited access areas to ensure efficiency in the operating room.
RibLoc U Plus Chest Wall Plating System
The Acute Innovations AcuTie II Sternum Closure System is a revolutionary design which encompasses the simplicity of standard wire cerclage while providing increased compression, stability in multiple planes, lateral protection, and straightforward installation.
AcuTie II

The BioBridge Resorbable Chest Wall Stabilization Plate is a versatile, nonpermanent solution for chest wall stabilization. It was specifically designed to offer strength that exceeds typical chest wall loading1 and a resorption time that outlasts typical bone healing time1. Specifically, BioBridge can also be used on metacarpus, proximal and middle phalangeal bones, as well as long bones, flat bones, short bones, irregular bones, appendicular skeleton, and thorax.
1. Data on file at ACUTE Innovations.