OsteoMed Orthobiologics


Orthopaedic surgeons use orthobiologics to help improve the healing of broken bones, tendons, and ligaments. Acumed | OsteoMed offers a range of solutions designed to augment bone and soft tissue healing and reduce the risk of complications, adding value for surgeons and patients. From allograft to synthetic bone fillers, and more, we offer a wide range of solutions.

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OsteoMed Structural Allograft

Tricortical, Bicortical, and Unicortical preshaped osteotomy solutions are easy to cut and shape. We provide a comprehensive array of solutions.
Tricortical Blocks
With cortical material on three sides, these grafts can be used where inherent structural support is required.
PrimaGraft® Evans/Cotton Wedges

Bicortical wedges are designed specifically to address the most common angles for both Evans and Cotton osteotomies.


  • 4 Evans Trials
  • 3 Cotton Trials
  • Tamp
  • Spreader
Unicortical Wedges

The unicortical grafts are preshaped, off-the-shelf solutions for Evans osteotomy procedures.

Potential Uses:

  • Evans/Cotton osteotomies
  • Lengthening procedures

OsteoMed Nonstructural Allograft

Strips and cubes with osteoinductive potential are designed to compress and expand in bone voids.
Cancellous Chips
Small chips of allograft bone are used to fill voids and provide an osteoconductive scaffold for bony ingrowth.
Sponge Strips and Cubes
A range of sizes are designed for optimal fit to help minimize waste.
DBM Putty

100% bone derived, no inert carrier. Multiple sizes are available in putty and crunch forms.  

Potential Uses:

  • Post-reduction voids 
  • Nonunions 
  • Malunions 
  • Cysts/Defects 
  • Fusions 

OsteoMed Amniotic Membranes

Used as a covering for reconstructive procedures and at fracture sites to offer protection from the surrounding environment.

OsteoMed Allograft Soft Tissue - Tendons


  • Stringent in-facility donor screening process & validated medical history
  • Achilles (with or w/o bone block)
  • Gracilis/Semitendinosis
  • Anterior/Posterior Tibialis
  • Peroneus Longus Tendon
  • BTB

Potential Uses

  • Peroneal tendon repair
  • Achilles tendon repair