OsteoMed Profile Zero Low Profile Neuro Plating System


Profile Zero™ is a low profile, neurosurgical fixation system featuring OsteoMed's patented Auto-Drive® self-drilling screws. This system contains a variety of titanium plate designs. The plate and screw construct offers a .25 mm plate profile that can be contourable to the patient anatomy. This system also features our latest driver handle and customizable VisiDisk.


Product Training Series: Key Features Profile Zero and Profile Plus Neurosurgical Plating Systems With Brandon Tompkins
Product Manger Brandon Tompkins highlights the key features of both the Profile Zero and Profile Plus Neuro Fixation Systems. The Profile Zero Neuro Fixation System offers a .25mm plate profile with a uniquely engineered plate and screw construct offering both strength for cranial fixation with the lowest profile on the market. Both systems feature OsteoMed's patented Auto-Drive® screws with enhanced screw retention technology, customizable VisiDisk and contain a variety of titanium plate designs for cranial procedures, providing the neurosurgeon with many options in the OR.

Profile Zero Instrument Trays

The Profile Zero system is more compact than our previous neuro plating system, Fast Flap.

This system contains a removable tray holding our plates, a compartment for meshes, and the VisiDisk, which contains our Auto-Drive screws.

It also includes plate cutters, drills and drivers, and all of the instrumentation needed to complete the surgical procedure.