OsteoMed OsteoMatch Patient Matched Implants

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OsteoMatch™ PEEK Patient-Specific Cranial Implants fill bony voids with a PEEK polymer material comparable to the characteristics of cortical bone. Voids typically filled include those associated with decompressive craniectomies, temporal hollowing and Chiari malformation. The implant, which is designed to patient CT-scan data, is prescribed by a surgeon and can be delivered within 24 hours. For more information click here.

OsteoMatch Product Realization Process

OsteoMatch is digitally designed and manufactured from a patient CT scan and can be processed in 5 steps, from case input to delivery.

OsteoMatch Digital Planning Application

The app delivers a new tool for doctors to remotely educate, plan, review and share with both patients and colleagues. All cases are stored on our cloud server for easy and secure access.