Instructions For Use (IFU)

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FilenamePart NamePart Number
PKGI-24-N.pdf Biotrak® Mini Instrument Tray30100170
77013001-N.pdf Biotrak® Pin Instrument Set and Tray30100300
77013001-N.pdf Biotrak® 2mm x 20mm Pin Only30100320
77013001-N.pdf Biotrak® 2mm x 30mm Pin Only30100330
77013001-N.pdf Biotrak® 2mm x 40mm Pin Only30100340
77013001-N.pdf Biotrak® Pin Instrument Tray30100350
77013001-N.pdf Biotrak® Pin Microdrill, 2mm30100351
77013001-N.pdf Biotrak® Pin Cannula30100352
77013001-N.pdf Biotrak® Pin Plunger30100353
77013001-N.pdf Biotrak® Mini Ejector w/o Ball Plunger30150154
PKGI-52-N.pdf Guide Wire 0.045" x 6" ST80100100
PKGI-52-N.pdf .035" x 6" ST Guide Wire80100101
PKGI-52-N.pdf .035" x 7" ST Guide Wire80100102
PKGI-52-N.pdf .035" x 7" DT Guide Wire80100103
PKGI-24-N.pdf Quick Release Handle80100125
77013003-E.pdf Quick Rel. Handle Internal Shaft w/Pin80100126
77013003-E.pdf Quick Release Handle Internal Shaft80150101
77013003-E.pdf Quick Release Handle Sliding Sleeve80150102
77013003-E.pdf Quick Release Handle Capture Screw80150103
77013003-E.pdf Quick Release Handle End Cap80150104