Instructions For Use (IFU)

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FilenamePart NamePart Number
77011003-U.pdfTwr Pivot Joint Bottom Tube Sub Assy10100020
77011003-U.pdfTwr Wrst Joint Elbow & Sleeve Sub-assy A10100027
77011003-U.pdfTwr Wrst Joint Elbow & Sleeve Sub-assy B10100028
77011003-U.pdfTower Spring Scale Housing Sub-assy10100030
77011003-U.pdfTower Spring Scale Internal Rod Sub-assy10100031
77011003-U.pdfTower Finger Trap Small10100051
77011003-U.pdfTower Finger Trap Medium10100052
77011003-U.pdfTower Finger Trap Large10100053
77011003-U.pdfTower Finger Trap X-Large10100054
77011003-U.pdfTower Forearm Strap10100060
77011003-U.pdfTower Upper Arm Strap10100061
77011003-U.pdfTower Base w/o Bolts10150101
77011003-U.pdfTower Upper Arm Plate10150102
77011003-U.pdfTower Base handle w/o Pins10150105
77011003-U.pdfTower Base Large Locking Bolt10150106
77011003-U.pdfTower Base Small Locking Bolt10150107
77011003-U.pdfTower Sliding Forearm Support Foot Pin10150108
77011003-U.pdfTower Sliding Forearm Support Base10150109
77011003-U.pdfTower Sliding Forearm Support Extension10150110
77011003-U.pdfTower Pivot Joint Rotating Plate10150115