OPT Croutons Surgical Technique


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OPT Croutons Surgical Technique (BIO00-05-D)Surgical TechniqueEnglish ENJanuary 8, 2015September 11, 2015

Orthobiologics, substances used to help injuries heal more quickly, are commonly used by orthopedic surgeons in a comprehensive treatment plan. OPT Croutons are a synthetic bone graft composed of beta-tricalcium phosphate and are designed to fill bone voids or defects in the skeletal system. OPT stands for Osteoconductive, Porous, Tricalcium phosphate, and “crouton” is a widely accepted description of a bone graft. OPT Croutons offer a high porosity (60–80%), which was designed to provide an optimized structure for bony ingrowth without the loss of stability. Pore sizes range from 200–500 μm, allowing for osteoblast attachment and differentiation. The OPT Croutons product is a biocompatible synthetic bone graft that remodels into bone within 12–24 months. The synthetic nature of this product is designed to minimize the potential risk of immune response, cross contamination and disease transmission. OPT Croutons offer another form of calcium phosphate bone void fillers that complement Acumed’s line of osteoconductive products.