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FilenamePart NamePart Number
PKGI-24-P.pdf7.0mm X 130mm Shoulder Trial StemSH-T0713
PKGI-24-P.pdf8.0mm X 130mm Shoulder Trial StemSH-T0813
PKGI-24-P.pdf8.0mm Short Trial StemSH-T0818
PKGI-24-P.pdf8.0mm Short Trial StemSH-T0820
PKGI-24-P.pdf8mm X 220mm Long Trial StemSH-T0822
PKGI-24-P.pdf8mm X 240mm Long Trial StemSH-T0824
PKGI-24-P.pdf8mm X 260mm Long Trial StemSH-T0826
PKGI-24-P.pdf8mm X 280mm Long Trial StemSH-T0828
PKGI-24-P.pdf9.0mm X 130mm Shoulder Trial StemSH-T0913
PKGI-24-P.pdf10.0mm X 130mm Shoulder Trial StemSH-T1013
PKGI-24-P.pdf10mm X 180mm Long Trial StemSH-T1018
PKGI-24-P.pdf10mm X 200mm Long Trial StemSH-T1020
PKGI-24-P.pdf10mm X 220mm Long Trial StemSH-T1022
PKGI-24-P.pdf10mm X 240mm Long Trial StemSH-T1024
PKGI-24-P.pdf10mm X 260mm Long Trial StemSH-T1026
PKGI-24-P.pdf10mm X 280mm Long Trial StemSH-T1028
PKGI-24-P.pdf11.0mm X 130mm Shoulder Trial StemSH-T1113
PKGI-24-P.pdf12.0mm X 130mm Shoulder Trial StemSH-T1213
PKGI-24-P.pdf13.0mm X 130mm Shoulder Trial StemSH-T1313
PKGI-24-P.pdf13.0mm Shoulder Trial Body, LeftSH-T1340L