Product Donations for Humanitarian Aid Grant Application


A product donation request cannot be reviewed until this Grant Application is completed in its entirety and all required documents have been submitted at least 60 days prior to the date the items need to be shipped.

Any questions regarding this Grant Application should be directed to Acumed’s Grants Committee at

The Grant Application cannot be considered without the Product Description Proposal form completed and attached.

Contact Information

All notifications, questions, etc. regarding this Grant Application will be directed towards the Contact Person listed below.
Contact Person for this Grant Application

Nonprofit Organization Applicant Information

The receiving organization of the product donation
Under whose direction these products are being requested

Medical Mission Trip Information

PLEASE NOTE: Acumed will not provide a product donation for locations that are subject to a U.S. embargo or economic sanctions program.
Request must be at least 60 days from the date this Grant Application is received for consideration
If available, a comparable legacy line similar to what you have used may be considered for the donation
Location where surgeries will occur
(Contact Person at the Facility where surgeries will occur)

Shipping Information for Product Donation

PLEASE NOTE: US shipping address only.
US shipping addresses only

Required Attachments

Requests cannot be considered without the attached documents. The following file formats are allowed: .pdf, .doc, .docx, rtf, odf
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For Nonprofit Organizations located outside of the United States that do not have a W-9 or 501(c)(3) tax-exempt IRS Determination Letter, please provide a W-8BEN-E which can be downloaded from the United States Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service website.
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Letter of request must include the following statements: (a) The implanting physician(s) requesting the product donation are affiliated with a nonprofit organization that engages in humanitarian aid and medical missions to provide indigent care. (Humanitarian Aid Mission); (b) The requested product donation is exclusively for the benefit of indigent patients for non‐profit, charitable, and humanitarian aid purposes only. (Indigent Care); (c) Neither the implanting physician(s), Nonprofit Organization Applicant, their agents, nor affiliates will resell, or charge patients for the donated product(s). (No Device Charge); (d) The implanting physician(s) and staff are donating their services to implant the device. (No Surgery Charge); (e) The hospital the surgeries will occur is donating their services and facility to implant the device. (No Hospital Charge)
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This Certification is intended to comply with the laws and regulations that apply to the subject matter of this request and the relationship between donors and donees including but not limited to the federal Anti-Kickback Statute (42 U.S.C. §1320a-7b) and state anti-kickback laws and regulations. Acumed reserves the right to modify this Certification for such reasons as Acumed deems appropriate to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.
(Individual submitting this Grant Application)

I, the Submitter of this Grant Application, certify that to the best of my knowledge all the following statements are true with respect to the submission of this Grant Application:

  1. I have the requisite authority to submit this Grant Application on behalf of the receiving organization.
  2. All information provided in this Grant Application and Required Attachments are true and accurate.
  3. The requested products: (a) are exclusively for the benefit of indigent patients for non‐profit, charitable, and humanitarian aid purposes only; and (b) will not be the subject of any sale, lease, trade, barter, or other transfer in exchange for money, property or services by the receiving organization, its personnel, or me to individuals, or entities in the United States, or other countries.
  4. The receiving organization, its personnel, and/or I have obtained: (a) any necessary import license for the requested products from the destination country; and (b) the necessary health authorization (if applicable) from the destination country.
  5. The receiving organization, its personnel, and I have not, implicitly or explicitly, solicited the requested donation in exchange for an agreement to purchase, use, order, or recommend Acumed products.
Note: The submission of this Grant Application does not guarantee approval of this Grant Application, and if approved by Acumed, Acumed may in its sole discretion: (a) approve a product donation of less than what has been requested; (b) approve a product donation of a comparable legacy line similar to what has been requested; and (c) condition approval upon receipt of a fully executed donation agreement between Acumed and the receiving organization.