OsteoMed OMI Orthodontic Anchor System


The OMI™ Orthodontic Anchor System is composed of implants and instrumentation to provide a fixed anchorage point of attachment for orthodontic appliances. This system features our patented Auto-Drive® self-drilling screws eliminate the need for pre-drilling.

The screws feature an aperture and flange design of the implant head providing a secure anchoring of dentition. The OMI Orthodontic Anchor Implants are intended for single patient use only and intended to be used temporarily and is removed after orthodontic treatment has been completed.

OMI Instrument Trays

The OMI Orthodontic Anchor System is composed of screws, driver handle, drills and driver stems, and a finger driver for harder to reach areas to be able to tighten the screw. The system comes in a compact block that can be sterilized as needed.