Arc Wrist Tower Surgical Technique


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Arc Wrist Tower Surgical Technique (HNW00-00-D)Surgical TechniqueEnglish ENJanuary 26, 2022January 27, 2022

The ARC Wrist Tower is a prime example of form following function. Designed for treatment of both soft tissue injuries and fractures of the wrist, the ARC Wrist Tower provides stable traction with virtually unrestricted access to the wrist during arthroscopic procedures and fracture reduction techniques. The tower achieves and maintains traction with ease, while allowing the surgeon better access to the wrist from a number of angles. The tower can be maneuvered to enhance fluoroscopic imaging, making it easier to evaluate reduction and the subsequent placement of hardware. Providing an “extra set of hands” that can be valuable in the OR, the ARC Wrist Tower is an invaluable assistant to both the surgeon and surgical staff alike.

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