Forearm Fractures Case Series


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Forearm Fractures Case Series (ELB70-00-B)Case StudyEnglish ENJune 24, 2011July 20, 2020

History: A 26-year-old woman fell and sustained acute fractures of the radius and ulna. Her initial follow-up revealed proper union, but the patient was unavailable for future evaluations. Examination: With both-bone forearm fractures, fixation can be difficult for both bones due to gross instability and bayonet appositioning. Similarly, the rotation and bowing of the radius makes both radius and ulna fixation a challenge. Treatment: The precontoured Acumed Midshaft Radius and Ulna Plates are extremely utilitarian for these fractures. Also, the presence of both locking and nonlocking holes lends the ability to either compress or lock different parts of the fracture, as the fracture pattern dictates. Consequently, fixation and stability improves, while operative time decreases