Locking Scapula Plate System Brochure & Surgical Technique


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Locking Scapula Plate System Brochure & Surgical Technique (SHD00-02-A)Surgical TechniqueEnglish ENSeptember 24, 2011July 10, 2019

Scapular fractures are rare, but present significant challenges for fixation. The anatomically precontoured Acumed Scapula Plates eliminate the time-intensive process of hand-contouring generic bone plates which can also reduce the strength of the plate. Additionally, fragment reduction and reconstruction is laborious without an anatomical guide and screw placement is difficult in the questionable osseous regions of the scapular bone. Acumed offers a better solution. While scapula fractures are often treated nonoperatively, there are a number of displaced fractures in which Open Reduction Internal Fixation with a low profile, anatomic locking plate can be a better solution.