OsteoMed EnCompass Case Study


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OsteoMed EnCompass Case Study (030-2130-B)Case StudyEnglish ENAugust 5, 2022September 6, 2022

Case Provided by Keith D. Cook, DPM, FACFAS, Director Podiatric Medical Education University Hospital Newark, New Jersey. Abstract:
Hallux rigidus is a painful, progressive arthritic condition of the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ). As the condition progresses to advanced stages, conservative treatment often fails and surgical intervention
is required. Although many surgical procedures can be performed for hallux rigidus, some have limitations and if revision to a 1st MTPJ arthrodesis is required, the use of bone grafts is usually necessary.
The author presents two patients with hallux rigidus; one patient had a bilateral joint correction and the other had a unilateral joint correction, both of which utilized the EnCompass metatarsal resurfacing implants for the treatment of hallux rigidus. All patients were able to transition into normal shoe gear within 2 months of surgery and resume their normal activities. All 1st MTPJs had an increase in range of motion in the short-term follow up and the patients experienced complete pain relief without complications. These results are comparable to published 1st metatarsal resurfacing studies, demonstrating the EnCompass Metatarsal Resurfacing Implant (OsteoMed, Addison, TX. USA) is a reliable treatment option for the treatment of hallux rigidus.