Osteomed MFx Surgical Technique


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Osteomed MFx Surgical Technique (CMF00-00-A)Surgical TechniqueEnglish ENJune 13, 2024June 13, 2024

OsteoMed introduces the MFx™ Rigid Fixation System as the next step in the evolution of mandibular rigid fixation and reconstruction. The system applies the best of OsteoMed innovation and design to a proven understanding of established, traditional mandible fixation & reconstruction techniques and principles. The MFx™ system is intended for fracture fixation during orthognathic reconstruction, mandibular reconstruction and surgery involving osteotomies and trauma. The system is simple, versatile, and dynamic in its application, incorporating the following screw technologies: standard, Auto-Drive®, locking, angulated locking, angulated locking Auto-Drive®, safety, MMF and lag screws. The implants are made from titanium alloy (ASTM F-136) and/or commercially pure titanium (ASTM F-67) which are MRI compatible.