Instructions For Use (IFU)

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FilenamePart NamePart Number
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 11.0mm x 8.0mm StemTR-S1108-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 12.0mm x 0.0mm StemTR-S1200-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 12.0mm x 2.0mm StemTR-S1202-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 12.0mm x 4.0mm StemTR-S1204-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 12.0mm x 6.0mm StemTR-S1206-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 12.0mm x 8.0mm StemTR-S1208-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 6mm Morse Taper Long StemTR-SL06-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 7mm Morse Taper Long StemTR-SL07-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 8mm Morse Taper Long StemTR-SL08-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 9mm Morse Taper Long StemTR-SL09-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 10mm Morse Taper Long StemTR-SL10-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 11mm Morse Taper Long StemTR-SL11-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 12mm Morse Taper Long StemTR-SL12-S
PKGI-42-Y.pdf Trial GageTR-TG01
PKGI-42-Y.pdf Height GageTR-TG02
PKGI-24-N.pdf 6.0mm Stem GageTR-TG06
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 6.0mm Stem Gage Assy.TR-TGA06
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 18mm Trial Head, LeftTR-TH18L
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 18mm Trial Head, RightTR-TH18R
PKGI-42-Y.pdf 20mm Trial Head, LeftTR-TH20L