Fellowship Grant Application

Fellowship Grants provide support for fellowship programs accredited by ACGME, or, for programs outside of the United States, the particular country’s ACGME equivalent accrediting body, requesting funding to be used towards fellow stipends and direct educational expenses. To manage our budget and ensure Acumed can fund as many worthwhile programs as possible, we limit the awarding of Fellowship Grants to once per calendar year.

Submission deadline: To be considered, the completed application, including all required supporting documentation, must be submitted between October 1 and April 15. Applicants will receive notification on the outcome of the grant application by May 30. If you have any questions, please contact grants@acumed.net.

Please note: Support requested for cadaveric labs intended to educate fellows or residents at an academic institution should apply using the Professional Medical Education Grant Application. For funding requests regarding research proposals, please visit our Collaborative Research Opportunities page.

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Grant Request

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The undersigned hereby certifies the following:

· I have the requisite authority to submit this grant application on behalf of the Applicant Organization.
· All information provided on this grant application and attachments are true and correct.
· This request does not violate the Applicant Organization’s Code of Ethics or Conflict of Interest Policy.
· The Applicant Organization will maintain complete control over the clinical and educational aspects of the program, including the selection of individuals to participate in the program, the academic curriculum, and the standards of the program.
· I acknowledge and agree that, if approved, grant funding awarded may be reportable under the Federal Open Payments (“Sunshine”) law (42 C.F.R.403.900) and the Applicant Organization will provide disclosure information, if requested, by Acumed in order for it to meets its federal reporting requirements in accordance with Federal Open Payments (“Sunshine”) law.
· It is understood and agreed that neither this grant application nor the acceptance of grant funds, if awarded, creates any obligation on the part of any person or entity to purchase, prescribe, order or otherwise make use of (or arrange for or recommend the use of) Acumed products.
· I acknowledge that the submission of this grant application does not guarantee approval of the grant application, and if approved, Acumed may approve funding at an amount less than what has been requested.
· If this grant application is approved, Acumed reserves the right to audit use of grant funds as described in the grant application, and the Applicant Organization agrees to provide reasonable access to copies of receipts related to the expenditure of the grant funds, if requested by Acumed.

Read the Guidelines for Fellowship Grants.