Ankle Plating System 3 Key Publications


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Ankle Plating System 3 Key Publications (FNA70-03-A)Key PublicationsEnglish ENAugust 6, 2018August 6, 2018

Stability of the Syndesmosis After Posterior Malleolar Fracture Fixation: Publication Excerpt: “Our data demonstrates that the rate of syndesmotic instability was reduced in trimalleolar and trimalleolar equivalent fractures when prone positioning and direct fixation of the posterior malleolus were first performed.”

“A to P” Screw vs Posterolateral Plate for Posterior Malleolus Fixation in Trimalleolar Ankle Fractures: Publication Excerpt: “Patients with trimalleolar ankle fractures in whom the posterior malleolus was treated with posterolateral buttress plating had superior clinical outcomes at follow-up compared with those treated with AP screws.”

Anterior Tibiofibular Ligament Avulsion Fracture in Weber Type B Lateral Malleolar Fracture: Publication Excerpt: “The accurate reduction and fixation of the avulsed fragment is important for restoration of the stable distal tibiofibular joint and to prevent the chronic ankle joint pain caused by impingement of the avulsed fragment.”