Calcaneal Plating System Surgical Technique


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Calcaneal Plating System Surgical Technique (LEX00-05-E)Surgical TechniqueEnglish ENSeptember 13, 2021September 14, 2021

Calcaneal fractures are the most common tarsal bone fractures and they can be challenging to treat. The extensile lateral incision, today’s most common approach, often results in nearly 30% of patients developing wound complications. With the expertise of Greg A. Horton, M.D. and Steven A. Herbst, M.D., Acumed has developed a family of calcaneal plates specifically designed for a minimally invasive approach using a sinus tarsi incision, a technique which may reduce the chance of wound complications when compared to extensile lateral surgeries. While this kind of incision is not new, its use for calcaneal fractures in conjunction with the Acumed MINI-Calc® Plates is a step forward in the treatment of calcaneal fractures. The Acumed Calcaneal Plating System is composed of several MINI-Calc and lateral wall plates to meet a variety of procedural needs. Designed to minimize soft tissue irritation while still providing a durable construct, the Calcaneal Plates are low-profile and target the best quality bone in the calcaneus.

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