OsteoMed HPS Hand Fusion System Surgical Technique


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OsteoMed HPS Hand Fusion System Surgical Technique (030-1742-A)Surgical TechniqueEnglish ENDecember 14, 2021December 14, 2021

Hand Fusion is an innovative device that provides stable fixation of the PIP joint, while allowing for the fusion angle needed to continue daily activity. Hand Fusion combines the superior compression of the ExtremiFix headless screw, with the one-of-a-kind, variable-angle locking technology of the HPS™ system. The highly polished plates are low profile and have rounded edges to reduce dorsal prominence and soft tissue irritation. The system includes the first cannulated compression screw with locking capabilities; the Fusion Screw can lock up to 18 degrees from center, allowing for fusion of the joint at a natural resting angle. For patients requiring arthrodesis, the addition of Hand Fusion to HPS will allow the patient to return to daily activity. Still… One System, Endless Possibilities.