Osteotomy System Surgical Technique


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Osteotomy System Surgical Technique (HNW00-03-J)Surgical TechniqueEnglish ENFebruary 23, 2016July 10, 2019

The Acumed Osteotomy System features the Ulna Shortening Plate which is designed to offer a low-profile plate with built-in osteotomy reference lines and an Osteotomy Guide. The reference lines on the plate help facilitate the creation of the osteotomy when a “free hand cut” is preferred. Designed in conjunction with William B. Geissler, M.D., the low-profile Ulna Shortening Plate is designed to keep the screw heads as low as possible. The interfragmentary screw may be placed in one of two locations through the scalloped slot and is intended to compress the osteotomy securely when used as a lag screw. The plate offers the option to lock up to three screws distally and one proximally.

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