Pelvic Plating System Surgical Technique


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Pelvic Plating System Surgical Technique (TMA10-00-J)Surgical TechniqueEnglish ENJuly 10, 2023July 10, 2023

The Acumed Pelvic Plating System is a comprehensive set of plates, screws, and instrumentation for the treatment of pelvic ring and acetabular fractures. Designed to treat a wide variety of challenging pelvic fractures, the plates of the Pelvic Plating System are strategically pre-contoured where it may save time for the surgeon, and left un-contoured in some sections to allow for buttressing of fractures. Indication-specific plates are offered, as well as reconstruction-style plates to address a variety of fracture patterns that may occur. In addition, enhancements to traditional pelvic instrumentation are incorporated with the intention to ease surgical techniques.

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