Radial Head Fracture Case Study


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Radial Head Fracture Case Study (SPF70-06-A)Case StudyEnglish ENMarch 24, 2012July 10, 2019

Patient History: The patient is a 64-year-old right hand dominant female who presented to the ER following a mechanical fall onto an outstretched right hand. She complained of pain and limited range of motion of the elbow. AP, lateral and oblique X-rays were obtained confirming a displaced radial head fracture. The elbow was located and the patient’s neurovascular exam was normal. She was splinted and outpatient follow-up was arranged. The patient was seen in follow-up and the X-rays were reviewed. She was noted to have a displaced radial head fracture with a large depressed articular fragment involving approximately 50% of the radial head. A CT scan was obtained defining the fracture pattern and confirming an intact “radial pillar”. The fracture was felt to be amenable to ORIF and optimally managed with Acutrak 2 screws.