Total Wrist Fusion Plating System Surgical Technique


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Total Wrist Fusion Plating System Surgical Technique (HNW10-06-F)Surgical TechniqueEnglish ENJune 23, 2023June 23, 2023

Acumed offers the Total Wrist Fusion Plating System for wrist arthrodesis due to deformities associated with degenerative arthritis, brachial plexus palsies, and spastic disorders. This five plate system features both innovative and traditional designs. Specifically, four of the five plates are positioned on the second metacarpal. These left and right specific designs are positioned on the index finger which may reduce extensor tendon irritation. Additionally, the fifth plate is a neutral option that is placed on the third metacarpal and developed for use with a proximal row carpectomy. All plates have a 15° dorsal bend, established as a balance between anatomic resting position, hand function, and grip strength.

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Sistema de placas de fusión total de muñeca Técnica quirúrgica (ESHNW10-06-B)  Surgical TechniqueEspañol ESFebruary 26, 2018July 12, 2019