ExsoMed ArcPhix Angled Compression Screw Brochure


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ExsoMed ArcPhix Angled Compression Screw Brochure (HNW00-21-A)BrochureEnglish ENJune 23, 2023June 23, 2023

An Innovative, Functional Solution for Distal Interphalangeal (DIP) Joint Fusions.

Functional Fusion:  Angled screw allows for fusion of the DIP.

Stable Fixation: Differential thread pitch facilitates compression across the DIP joint to create stability during bone fusion.

Less Traumatic: Percutaneous insertion method minimizes surrounding tissue damage upon implantation and avoids screw prominence.

INDICATIONS FOR USE:  The ArcPhix functional flexion compression screw is indicated for use in the surgical fixation of small bones, bone fragments, and osteotomies. The device is not indicated for soft tissue fixation. The sterile, single use system includes a stainless steel implant with all necessary instrumentation to perform the case.

DESIGN RATIONALE: Late stage arthritis in phalangeal joints presents a variety of challenges for physicians. Although current treatment methods provide suitable outcomes, there is a likelihood of inadvertently producing a straight DIP joint fusion. These outcomes are not optimal. Research has shown that when a patient’s DIP joint is fused in a functional position, finger dexterity and grip strength improve over that of a patient with a straight, full extension fusion.1 Physicians can achieve angled fusions by using K-wire fixation, however, the immobilization protocol can lead to several complications and varied results. While compression screws may provide reliable DIP fusions, they do not offer the additional benefit of functional flexion. To address this unmet need, ExsoMed has developed ArcPhix: an innovative angled compression screw for controlled functional flexion DIP joint fusions.