Instructions For Use (IFU)

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FilenamePart NamePart Number
PKGI-24-K.pdf Ø51.0mm X 19mm Shoulder Trial HeadSH-T5119
PKGI-24-K.pdf Ø51.0mm X 23mm Shoulder Trial HeadSH-T5123
PKGI-31-F.pdf Shoulder Reamer Proximal Tray StandSH-TSTD1
PKGI-31-F.pdf Shoulder Reamer Distal Tray StandSH-TSTD2
PKGI-24-K.pdf Small Bone Fixator KnobSM-5015
PKGI-24-K.pdf Small Bone External Fixation TraySM-5061
PKGI-24-K.pdf Pin Guide AssemblySM-5080
PKGI-24-K.pdf Small Bone Housing AssemblySM-5100
PKGI-24-K.pdf Outrigger assemblySM-5200
PKGI-24-K.pdf 60mm Small Bone Fixator ShaftSMC-5060
PKGI-24-K.pdf 90mm Small Bone Fixator ShaftSMC-5090
PKGI-24-K.pdf 60mm Small Bone Fixator ShaftSMT-5060
PKGI-24-K.pdf 90mm Small Bone Fixator ShaftSMT-5090
PKGI-26-J.pdf Tension Band Pin SnapperTB-0100
PKGI-26-J.pdf 120mm Tension Band PinTB-15120
PKGI-26-J.pdf 120mm Tension Band KitTB-15120K-S
PKGI-26-J.pdf 50.0mm Tension Band KitTB-1550K-S
PKGI-26-J.pdf 70.0mm Tension Band KitTB-1570K-S
PKGI-26-J.pdf 90.0mm Tension Band KitTB-1590K-S
PKGI-24-K.pdf 3.0mm T-Handle Driver AssemblyTH-3000